​Where do I get my tickets?

I just ordered advance tickets. Will I get something in the mail?
No. Your passes, including any and all incentive items, will be available for pickup at the "WILL CALL" table at the convention. Be sure to bring identification with you to pick up your passes, so we can tell you are who you say you are.

​Where is the WILL CALL table?

The WILL CALL table will be located just inside the entrance of the Canton Civic Center. 

If I've purchased an advance ticket, but for some reason am unable to attend, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on any ticket purchases. Thanks for understanding.

Do I really need to wear that wristband all day?

Yes! The Civic Center security will be looking for wristbands and wristbands only. So once that thing is on your wrist, DON'T TAKE IT OFF! This will be your entry to the convention all day. We cannot be responsible for lost wristbands, nor will we replace them: if you misplace your wristband, you will have to purchase a new one in order to enter the convention hall.


How do I go about getting press passes for HOFCCC?

Although exceptions may be made for convincing cases, we'd prefer you arrange for press passes in advance. E-mail your request HERE, including your credentials, etc.


How long do I have to purchase or secure space as an exhibitor for the HOFCCC?

We fully expect a sellout this year, so we suggest you buy as soon as possible, especially if you'd like to keep a space in the hall you've had last year.


When can I get on the floor of the Civic Center for setup?

Exhibitors, Guests, and Artists Alley will be allowed on the floor for setup at the following times:

Friday: ??pm - ??pm
Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:30 am

How do I get onto the loading dock?

The loading dock is on the side on the Canton Civic Center closest to Wendy's.

I sell bootleg DVD's, bootleg video games, dirty books and/or movies you name it. Is that cool?

Definitely not cool. Selling bootleg versions of anything is illegal, which means you can be arrested on the convention floor and escorted away in front of several thousand onlookers. It's also against our rules: we reserve the right to eject exhibitors for selling unlawful or objectionable material at any time, without refund, at our discretion.

Can I bring food or beverages onto the convention floor?

No. The Canton Convention Center maintains numerous concession stands around the convention hall--you may purchase food and beverages there, but the Civic Center strictly forbids bringing anything in. If they see you with food or beverages, they will so bust you..

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