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Dungeons & Dragons: Multiple variants
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Multiple variants

    Times: 10 am - 2pm & 3pm - 7pm

    There will be Multiple variants to choose from, so you can pick the perfect one for how you want to play! All games last in the range of 3 to 4 hours. 




    Book of the Raven

    Game Master: Tim Etter

    A book delivered to the party by a raven contains a treasure map. Treasure alone would be enough to investigate. The ravens persistence in moving your party to action almost makes it irresistible.

    RULES: Dungeons and Dragons 5e - 10+ - Level 3 pre generated characters are provided.


    Hungry Hungry Hampsters

    Game Master: Scott Borland

    The gnomes of the Bafflecraft family have
    raised giant space hamsters for use as
    mounts and livestock for ten generations.
    Recently, however, their shipments of spaham have been overdue with no clear answers. It is up to a group of Spelljammer adventurers to solve!

    Characters will be 4th-level for this adventure with ability scores based on the Point Buy System detailed in the Player's Handbook. Pre generated character sheets will also be available as an option.

    RULES: Dungeons and Dragons 5e - 13+


    The Dessicated Tower of Moloch!!!

    Game Master: Zach Lietzow

    Classic swords and sorcery adventure with a heavy metal influence. This will be fairly rules light and extremely beginner friendly! I make sure that this is safe place for all!

    Description: 50 years ago a foul necromancer was defeated by knights and paladins of Sol. His tower raised everyone thought his evil was erased from the land.... However recently sightings of undead in the swamp have significantly increased, along with more organized raids from the unmen.

    You've been hired to locate the source of this evil and put it to rest once and for all...

    RULES: Dungeons and Dragons 5e - 13+ - regenerated characters provided. Just bring yourselves and the will to adventure!




    The Price of Beauty

    Game Master: Tim Etter

    You learn the secret of the unique magic bound into a book of tips for channeling self-love and inner beauty as you race to rescue the last person who discovered the book in Candlekeep.

    RULES: Dungeons and Dragons 5e - 13+ Level 5 pre generated characters are provided.


    A Tail of the Riverbend Alehaus

    Game Master: Brian Ault

    The day has been merriment for all at the Riverbend Alehaus and our Heroes are last to leave. As the proprieter closes up a magical mishap leaves our Heroes with a little problem. The situation might cheese them off, but with luck they may just squeak out a victory.

    RULES: Dungeons and Dragons 5e - 10+



    $10 Entry - INCLUDES entrance to Hall of Fame City Comic Con


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